Alabama cop caught on video body-slamming maskless woman in Walmart


An off-duty Alabama police officer was caught on camera body-slamming a woman in Walmart in an altercation that cops say began because she wasn’t wearing a facemask.

Wild video posted by from the Tuesday incident in the Birmingham big-box store shows the cop placing the woman in handcuffs as she begins to walk away from him. The officer then grabs the woman, lifts her up and drops her to the ground face-first.

The Birmingham Police Department said it is investigating the use of force by the officer, who was off-duty and working a side gig as a security guard for the store.

The woman has not been identified but faces charges for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, third-degree criminal trespassing, possession of marijuana and unlawful possession of a controlled substance.

“We understand we’re operating in trying times,’’ said Birmingham police spokesman Sgt. Rod Mauldin in a video statement. “The Birmingham Police Department has maintained a consistent, community-oriented educational approach to the surrounding circumstances of COVID-19.”

In addition to her lacking a facemask, the interaction was also spurred by the woman’s alleged “disorderly conduct.” Mauldin said.

A Walmart employee had asked the woman to wear a face covering, but she allegedly grew angry and attracted the attention of the officer.

The woman began “yelling out obscenities toward customers and employees,” Mauldin said. The officer began to detain her after she was asked to leave the store and refused.

“The officer used a takedown measure to gain control due to the other threat factors in the store,” he said.

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