Activists urge ‘Mulan’ boycotts after actress favors Hong Kong police


The live-action film version of Disney’s “Mulan” is facing renewed boycott calls from Asian activists.

Thai and Taiwanese activists have joined Hong Kong protestors fighting for democratic reform who first raised the call for boycotts of the film last year, after its Chinese-born star sided with the Hong Kong police and their crackdown of pro-democracy militants.

“I support the Hong Kong Police,” said Liu Yifei, who is also an American citizen, sharing a post from the Beijing People’s Daily on Weibo, a Chinese blog site in August 2019. “You can all attack me now. What a shame for Hong Kong.”

After several delays due to the coronavirus, “Mulan,” which was scheduled to open in theaters in March, is now out on Disney+ in the US and is scheduled to be shown at theaters throughout Asia on Sept. 11.

But MilkTeaAlliance, an online movement of pro-democracy protestors from Asian countries started in April and worried about China’s influence in the region, urged their followers to stay away from the film.

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