A Cat Is At The Center Of Latest World Cup Controversy


If news conferences were refereed like soccer matches, a Brazil team media rep might have received a yellow card for tossing a cat Wednesday during a World Cup interview. (Watch the video below.)

The furry interloper suddenly graced the dais with its feline cool while Brazilian player Vinícius Júnior spoke, according to reports.

The 22-year-old forward laughed at the cat’s appearance. But the media dude unceremoniously grabbed the kitty by the fur and flicked it to the floor, drawing gasps.

The interview then resumed.

The cat later appeared unharmed and was photographed chilling beside the team logo as Vinícius Júnior continued to field questions.

That guy doesn’t understand the LOVE the internet has for Cats. Big mistake my friend,” wrote one.

Brazil plays Croatia in a quarterfinal on Friday.

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