’24’ actress Annie Wersching dead at 45 from cancer


Actress Annie Wersching, best known for her role in the TV series “24,” died of cancer, her family said Sunday. She was 45.

“There is a cavernous hole in the soul of this family today,” Wersching’s husband, actor Stephen Full, told Deadline. “But she left us the tools to fill it. She found wonder in the simplest moment. She didn’t require music to dance.”

“She taught us not to wait for adventure to find you. ‘Go find it. It’s everywhere.’ And find it we shall,” he said. 

Annie Wersching is pictured at the  season 7 premiere party of "24" in Los Angeles.
Annie Wersching, pictured above in 2008, was known for her role in the hit tv show “24.”

Wersching, who had three children with Full, was diagnosed with cancer in 2020, but continued to work while getting treatment, including on the Disney+ show “Star Trek: Picard.”

A GoFundMe launched to support her sons, ages 4, 9 and 12, said Wersching was a private person who didn’t want to discuss her diagnosis. It is not clear what type of cancer the St. Louis native had.

The director and producer of “24” Jon Cassar told Deadline his “heart is broken in more pieces than I can count.”

Annie Wersching is pictured playing character Renee Walker in "24."
Wersching leaves behind a husband and three boys between the ages of four and 12.
Kelsey McNeal/FOX

Jack (Kiefer Sutherland, L) and Renee (Annie Wersching, R) in an episode of the thriller series "24."
Wersching also played voice roles in the popular video games “The Last of Us” and “Anthem.”
Kelsey McNeal/FOX

“Annie came into my world with an open heart and a contagious smile. Brandishing such talent, she took my breath away,” he said. “Annie became more than a workmate, she became a real friend to me, my family and every cast and crew member that worked with her.”

Wersching played the part of FBI agent Renee Walker in the seventh and eighth seasons of “24.”

Wersching was also known for her video game voice work, including in “The Last of Us,” which has since been adapted into an HBO series, and the popular game “Anthem.”

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