15 Republican Military Vets Lay Waste To Trump In Just 63 Seconds


A powerful new ad from Republican Voters Against Trump features 15 Republican veterans from all branches of the service taking apart Trump.

The vets say that Trump doesn’t care about the country or the troops. Almost all of them say that they were lifelong Republicans before Donald Trump was elected.

Watch the ad:

These veterans swore an oath to the Constitution, not to an individual or a political party,” said Sarah Longwell, Strategic Director of Republican Voters Against Trump in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA. “They know good leadership when they see it because they’ve studied it, honed it, and served under it in harm’s way all around the world. And they know we don’t have good leadership in the White House right now. That’s why they’re voting for Biden.”

These vets aren’t just against Trump. They ate voting for Joe Biden because in Biden, they see a person of integrity who will bring honor and leadership back to the presidency. From a strategic viewpoint, the Republican ads against Trump have allowed Vice President Biden’s campaign to spend their advertising dollars on positive messaging.

Donald Trump is only president because he got 77,000 more votes than Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. As such as this one are damaging Trump, and the constant barrage is hurting Trump and showing the vastness of the coalition dedicated to getting Trump out of office in November.

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