10 Photos Show How Restaurants Around The World Are Social Distancing


Places around the world are trying to reopen after months of being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and restaurants are looking at different ways to preserve social distancing as they obey local laws and try to keep customers and employees safe.

Photos from the past few months show some of the creative ideas that restaurants have devised in their attempts to reopen. You can see a few of the images below.

Customers wait on social distancing markers at a prototype McDonald’s location in Arnhem, Netherlands. The markers put patrons at least 1 1/2 meters (5 feet) apart.

A Swedish couple is opening a “COVID-19-safe” pop-up restaurant — with one chair and one table —in a meadow in Ransater, Sweden. There are no waiters: Food is brought to the table in a basket via a pulley system from a window in the restaurant.

The Inn at Little Washington — a restaurant in Washington, Virginia — puts mannequins dressed in theatrical clothing at unoccupied tables between those used by patrons as a way to preserve social distancing. The Inn at Little Washington is on track to be the first restaurant with three Michelin stars to reopen in the U.S.

Waitresses wear protective masks, face shields and gloves as they perform for a similarly attired customer at the cheerleader-themed restaurant Cheers One in Tokyo.

Customers of the Maison Saigon restaurant in Bangkok sit next to stuffed panda dolls deployed as seat fillers to preserve social distancing.

Workers place plastic-and-steel dining tables outside a canteen at a university in Zhengzhou, China, as it prepared to reopen. The canteen will also deliver meals to students’ dorms.

A Milan restaurant demonstrates plexiglass dividers between tables, with employees acting as customers.

A Bangkok street restaurant placed plastic dividers on its tables after the Thai government relaxed lockdown measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Arnaldo Richard’s Picos Restaurant in Houston positioned a plastic divider at the bar.

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