Will Congress let Mary Klein decide how to die?

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Mary Klein hopes the government will hurry up and let her die.

It’s not that she wants her life to end. To the contrary, she says, she is doing absolutely everything she can to live. That includes surgery to cut the cancer out of her ovaries, uterus, colon, diaphragm and stomach lining, followed by five separate months-long rounds of chemotherapy. But, she says, these life-extending options will stop working one day, and when they do she wants to be able to use a life-ending one, to die on her own terms and by her own hand.

Death With Dignity — joining Washington state, Montana, Vermont, California, Colorado and Oregon.” data-reactid=”17″>Klein, 69, is a resident of Washington, D.C., the latest locus of the growing debate over laws allowing terminally ill patients to decide when to die. Last year, the district became the seventh jurisdiction in the United States to legalize what here was called from Yahoo News:

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