WATCH: Joe Buck confuses Brooks Koepka's girlfriend with ex in awkward US Open moment – New York Daily News

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Joe Buck has called many memorable sports moments as FOX’s lead play-by-play man, but few have matched the awkwardness that closed out the U.S. Open on Sunday.

After Brooks Koepka clinched his first major title at Erin Hills, the golfer walked off the 18th hole and was greeted by his girlfriend with a celebratory kiss.

“His girlfriend, Becky Edwards, All-American soccer player at Florida State,” Buck said.

There were just two problems: Edwards, now 29, is no longer at Florida State. But more importantly, she is also no longer dating Koepka.

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Buck’s broadcasting partner, Brad Faxon, soon corrected the error.

“Joe, that’s actually his new girlfriend. That’s Jena Sims. They were all staying together this week,” Saxon said.

Sims, an actress with an upcoming role in Sharknado 5, is a former Miss Teen USA. Her Wikipedia page contained an update Sunday night that described her as Koepka’s “new” girlfriend.

Of all the names Buck has had to memorize over the years, Sims’ may be one he’ll remember for quite a while.

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