The Australian Eastern Abyss is a treasure trove of strange, often penis-shaped animals – Popular Science

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A tiny baby lizard fish. Who said baby animals have to be adorable?

It’s not what it looks like.

Like eyes, but just…not quite.

Say “aaah!”

As seen at a rave

Somehow the spirals make them look like they’re having a little spinning party.

This one is literally called the Game of Thrones brittle star, because they thought it looked like the crown from Game of Thrones.

Brittle stars are incredible at raves.

Worms: they’re everywhere. Everywhere.

They almost look like little models instead of real animals, don’t they?

Ahhh satisfying spiral…

This looks almost gooey, but is actually a very thick calcium shell.

This almost looks like a molecular diagram, which makes it all the more amazing that an animal with no brain made it.

A small purple people eater (jk it’s a sea cuke). It might not look like a penis, exactly, but it does look like the eggplant emoji.

The decorative tassels of the sea

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