Johnny Depp Gets Into 2am Bar Brawl While Chugging From Champagne Bottle — See Pics – Hollywood Life

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Johnny Depp Bar Fight

Well, this isn’t good. New pictures show Johnny Depp allegedly going head-to-head with his own bodyguard outside of a bar in Denmark. Click inside to see the shocking pics!

Johnny Depp, 52, certainly has his defensives up as more and more allegations of domestic violence against his estranged wife, Amber Heard, 30. However, he let a little too loose on a recent night out after a concert with his band, The Hollywood Vampires. A series of shocking photos reveal his nasty encounter with his bodyguard in Denmark.

Maybe Johnny Depp didn’t get the memo, but all eyes are on him right now as he desperately tries to save his reputation from allegations of abusing his wife, Amber Heard. Unfortunately, Johnny didn’t seem to care what the world thought about him when he got into a fight with his own bodyguard outside of a party at a bar at around 2am in Denmark, reports Daily Mail, who also has EXCLUSIVE pictures of the incident.

“His bodyguard had his hand on his shoulder and was trying to get him to go back inside, but Johnny refused to go,” a source told the outlet. In the pictures, which you can see HERE, Johnny is angrily glaring at his bodyguard as multiple people restrain him from getting too close. Scary.

The source further explained that “more and more fans” kept approaching Johnny to chat and take pictures, which he was more than willing to do. That’s when the bodyguard got “more and more persistent” to get Johnny out of there, which only aggravated the actor further.

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Interestingly enough, Johnny keeps close to not one, but two women during the evening. In the pictures you can see a blonde woman drinking out of the same champagne bottle that Johnny was holding in another, and one photo also shows a short brunette woman wrapping her arms around Johnny to keep him from fighting with his bodyguard. Unfortunately, neither woman have been identified just yet.

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The eyewitness also claims that Johnny was definitely in the mood to “celebrate” at the after party, and that he was one of the last to leave. “Johnny was the last one to leave the bar, even after everyone had finished the champagne and gone home it was Johnny that went back to the bar,” the source shared.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — What do YOU think of these wild photos of Johnny having a fight with his own bodyguard? Comment below with your thoughts.

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